Straw dogs and muley-headed asses
Posted: 04 March 2004 11:14 AM   [ Ignore ]
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” To attack straw dogs, nothing is worse.  To them I lose my treasure.  For when such battle is joined, even in winning—-I lose.”

With these words an old Chinese philosopher warned future leaders of the dire consequences of reactionary and injudicious use of raw military might.  Our present “campaign” in Iraq, while perhaps well intended, seems to be proving that we must now relearn the hard lessons of the past, a not uncommon human dilemma.  As evil as he was, Saddam Hussein appears to have been but a snake with no venom. 

Unfortunately, it seems Mr. Bush has little appreciation for the lessons of history.  Nor, it seems, does he have much respect for individual civil liberties.  You know, just those simple ideals of personal freedom and liberty this country was founded upon. 

Mr. Bush’ heavy-handed swatting at flies with sledgehammers is no where more apparant than in his recent pronouncement to utilize the Department of Homeland Security to prosecute those who choose to go a’venturing in Cuba.  Say what?  Homeland security—-tourist travel to Cuba?  I don’t get it.  Just where exactly is the connection?  By our own State Department’ admission, Cuba no longer poses any threat whatsoever to the U.S., or our allies.

Most revealing, and perhaps most damning, is that Mr. Bush seemed concerned not one wit with the apparant contradiction of his new policy, nor its abusive over-reaching.  Surely, no one can agrue that the intent of this new department was to become, in effect, a political department of “travel police.”  Yet, under Mr. Bush, it has. 

Freedoms and liberties are usually lost one bite at a time.  As has been said,  those who allow this to happen deserve no better.  Government’ nature is power and control, the more we give it, the less we retain.  The founding fathers certainly understood this, have we forgotten so soon?

Sadly, I can no longer support George Bush’ re-election.  He has bankrupted us fisically and abused the power, trust and authority granted him.  True modesty and humility seem foreign in him now.  He has become a threat to our cherished liberties, in the name of “security.”  The white stallion he envisions himself riding upon appears now turned into a calloused and muley-headed ass——consumed with wielding power and its own might, indifferent to other’ views.  Again, sadly, a not uncommon fate of “little emperors.”

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