lectores de tabaqueres and slavery
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Am interested in pursuing detailed background information about the lectores de tabaqueres, especially as they existed prior to the Cuban Revolution and the American Civil War. Specifically, are there any authoritative books or reference sources that cite and deal extensively with black slaves working as lectores e.g. did this ever happen? If not, did black slaves ever work as rollers or strippers, etc.? Were slaves allowed to work in a cigar factory at all? And finally, especially as commercialization progressed in the early 19th Century and small farms were consolidated into ever larger plantations, were Cuban slaves sometimes hired out by their masters (or did these slaves also practice self-hire at their masterís behest) in urban areas such as Havana, as did some American slaves in the antebellum south of the United States? Are there any authoritative works dealing with slavery as it was practiced in Cuba in the early and mid-19th Century and are there any works that may be cited that cover the position of a lector in a cigar fabrica? Any information along these lines would certainly be appreciated.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

David R.

ps If you know someone who might field this request elsewhere, I’d certainly appreciate its being forwarded. Any promising leads might prove helpful. Tx.