Castro Excluded from Monterrey Summit
Posted: 16 January 2004 02:17 AM   [ Ignore ]
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By Donnel Jones,

Watching Hugo Chavez in action is like going to the zoo. You don’t know what this creature is going to be up to next. Yet, he is also predictable. His pronouncements evoke the kind of shameful fascination one has when gathering around the aftermath of an automobile accident. Hugo strikes again. Actually, it’ same-old same-old from my blog of yesterday.

The great dictator speaks about the Axis of Good:

“Clearly, an axis can be seen ...—and it’ not an axis of evil as some people say—.. that passes from Caracas, through Brasilia and reaches Buenos Aires. . . . “

Chavez is unhappy that Cuba is excluded from the summits because the U.S. doesn’t like the fact that the nation is a dictatorship. As he says, I think it would be good if we consulted all the countries of Latin America about whether it’ right that Cuba should be excluded. Yes or no? ...

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