Escozul for prostate cancer
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Hi, since I don’t see my question I posted yesterday, I’ll try one more time…
My father has a prostate cancer, in the very last stage, unfortunately.
Now desease has already spreaded into all his bons and liver.
Would there a chance Escozul might help?
Thanks, Marina

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Maria, Use Cantron through the company in Florida with the required supplements. Their tel# there is 800-443-3030 or
305-628-0981. This is a super antioxident. Also if you can get the Mangosteen by Xango also try using it.


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We have closed all open Escozul forums in order to consolidate questions and information into this new forum .

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Also, if you wish to stay informed about Escozul, go to that link and register or login at the Havana Journal and post “Keep me informed” into that forum.

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