Urgent Escozul information requested
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Dear readers,

My mother has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and in my search for information, I had the luck of chancing upon Havanajournal. I would like any or all of you to tell me how she can receive the treatment, get involved in a trial, or where to go in Cuba for treatment. If you have an idea of how much a clinic in Cuba will charge for a week or a month’ stay, that will also be helpful.Or maybe, in coordination with her doctor, she can be treated, but she must be able to receive the medication. Your responses will be very much appreciated.  I am new to the forum and thanks for your help.



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Dear Adetona,

Firslty, let me introduce myself, I am the Moderator of the Escozul Forum/Havana Journal.

Secondly, let me say how sorry I am to hear of your mothers situation.  Although there are absolutely no guarantees I highly recommend that you get your mother on Escozul as quickly as possible.

I can help you in any which way you like.  I can help you get the Escozul as I know how to go about getting it.  I can help you to organize a trip down there with your mother if this is what you really want.  My suggestion to you is the following; get your mom on the Escozul as quickly as possible (I can help).  If after 3-5 weeks of treatment you see that there is some improvement continue until such a time that there is a cat scan and other tests performed and you see some concrete improvement.  At this point you may want to go down with your mom and I will help you there as well if you like.

In the meantime, pls. email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and answer the following questions;- a) How old is your mom? b) When was she first diagnosed?  c) What Conventional treatment has she received to date (Chemo, Radiation) and what has been the effect of this treatment?  d) What other or more treatment has been scheduled for her?  e) What stage of Cancer has she been diagnosed at the moment? f) What are her Dr.’ prognosis?  g) What country is your mother living in? and where are you from?

Pls. forward me these answers to the above questions and I will try to guide you to the best of my ability to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Thank-you and God Bless,

Mark Melkonian
Moderator Escozul Forum/Havana Journal

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My uncle has been diagnosed with cancer, and he only recently found out about Escozul. I would like any or all of you to tell me how he can receive the treatment, or where to go in Cuba for treatment. If you have any idea of any prices, that will also be helpful. Or, is it possible to have the medicine sent over to Greece?
Your response will be very much appreciated.
Thanks for your help.


Eva Gram

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We have closed all open Escozul forums in order to consolidate questions and information into this new forum http://havanajournal.com/forums/viewthread/385/ .

Please update your bookmarks.

Also, if you wish to stay informed about Escozul, go to that link and register or login at the Havana Journal and post “Keep me informed” into that forum.

You do not have to post your email, we will have it in our database.



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