To all readers - Escozul cancer treatment testimonial
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Hi! I am Mike from Greece and I’ve been giving Escozul to my father since October thanks to Mark who helped me obtain it. Unfortunately we can’t have him properly examined in a hospital so as to say if his cancer is better because he can’t move (he is also at the last stages of Alzheimer) and he has to stay in bed and don’t move, as doctors suggested. But there is one thing I can tell you; According to his doctors he shouldn’t be alive; and his Alzheimer looks better too since he is taking Escozul!

I can’t tell if this is a coinsidence or a miracle or Escozul and frankly I don’t care. But I am reading the forum from time to time and believe that we all who took Escozul are, somewhow, giving up telling people about our experience, either because it’ good and we don’t care since we our doing better (my case), or because it’ no good and we are dissapointed.

Please don’t give up hope and keep on writing your experiences, no matter how busy you are, as this may help people to jump into some conclusions. I know I will from now on!

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Hi everybody!
First of all sorry for not writing as usual as I think we have to to keep informed everybody in this forum. And thank you Mike for reminding that no matters what happens we should tell it. Well, I have to say that in the last revision that my brother-in-law had the doctors said that the tumor that was in the left side of his brain has disapeared, the one in the medium part of the brain was shrinking as the original one in the right side. So I think that these are very good news!!! My brother-in-law is taking the Escoz˙l since October 2004 and he was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme.
And of course I want to thank in an especial way to Mark Melkonian that gived to me all the information that I needed and all the hopeness to get into this. I promise you to write more often.
Thanks everybody and continue posting your good or bad news.

Juan Pablo.

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Hi everybody out there!  I have a question regarding this product, Escozul.  My 54 yr. old brother was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma on 2-24-05. The tumor is on his left tonsil and about the size of a chicken egg, slightly smaller actually. I do not know how advanced it is, but the doctors he saw here advised MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas, that it is not an emergency. Houston wanted to know if it was an emerg. or not to either give an appt. right away or schedule him on the next available slot.  He is scheduled there on 3-14-05.  The doctors did say, however, not to let a month go by without starting his therapy.  This doctor suggested (to my brother) that he try to get Houston to start him on both radiation and chemo. at the same time. He said things would go better for him is he was on both therapies. On 3-4-05, my brother and I went to Mexico to a homeopathy doctor and he mentioned blue scorpion venom. He told us of the history of the product and mentioned some successes.  I have some questions. Is Escozul banned in the U.S.? I would like to know from anyone out there whether they, or somebody they know, have had the experience of being on this product and taking chemo/rad therapy and what the doctor’ reactions have been.  Did the doctors have the patient stop the Escozul therapy?  How much do U.S. doctors know about Escozul? Could the doctors here (in the US) legally refuse to give chem/rad therapy because the patient has been on Escozul? Are there any success stories of the Escozul and rad/chemo therapy?  I’ll appreciate any other information you can furnish me. (This is my first post.  I just found this sight a few minutes ago.) 

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We have closed all open Escozul forums in order to consolidate questions and information into this new forum .

Please update your bookmarks.

Also, if you wish to stay informed about Escozul, go to that link and register or login at the Havana Journal and post “Keep me informed” into that forum.

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