Santerža question
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I read interesting article by Stephen Gibbs “Husbands for sale in Cuba” about cuban wedding business published on 15 august and “Santeria Flights To Cuba” published on 1 march.
Effectively a social cuban phenomenon that I believe that is worth an attention is the “santerža”. What are (and what have been) its relationships with the regime? The regime has always allowed this popular organization, whereas it tried to control any other.
However that I believe very interesting to know if it nowadays is a informal/parallel power structure or, at the moment in which the regime will reach a critical point, it might go in this direction (as it happened in other storical situations to the early forms of “mafia”). The cuban society, indeed, looks to me to have many features of pehonomenon described by Putnam as “amoral familism” in his famous socio-political research on southern Italy societies.
Concerning these considerations, I noted that some “santerža” priests, in the last months, are leaving Cuba (acquiring foreign nationality). Why now, when the regime is dying? They are people of rather high repute in their country, whereas, in the adopted countries, they havenít nothing of their previous social status, rather, may experience a more difficult integration at work. I have a suspicion that they, thank the “santerža” organization, are probabily the best candidate for the job of broker in the “wedding” business and, if the conditions of cuban economy will worsen, other forms of human being smuggling.

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Perhaps these priests are going out in the world to spread the word. I say this because Santerža and it’s related cousins CandomblŤ, Macumba etc is the fastest growing religion in the Americas. I think those people who are going out of not only Cuba but Brasil and other countries will be watched over and taken care of by thier belief.

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Any updates or other thoughts on this subject?


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