Many new updates to the Havana Journal
Posted: 31 August 2004 06:12 PM   [ Ignore ]
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We haven’t posted to the Announcement board for many months although
there have been many significant upgrades and even a site redesign
with the help of two different yet complementary web design firms.

We are doing well in the Search Engines. The Havana Journal shows up
in the top ten results for keyword search Havana at Google, Yahoo
and MSN and we don’t pay for placement.

We have completely re-screened our Directory listings and have added
some and removed some that are dead. We also went to a paid link
placement where a web site owner either pays for a live link (after
being approved to be in the Directory) or links back to us in order
to have the live link.

The forums have been completely redesigned and are fully functional
and easy to use and navigate from one to another.

We ask all visitors to leave comments to news stories and/or post
comments and new topics in the forums.

The Escozul cancer treatment that is derived from the venom of the
blue scorpion in Cuba, has received much traffic. Mark Melkonian,
the forum moderator has helped dozens of people get more information
and even the Escozul itself from Cuba.

We launched the Havana Photo Journal thanks to original photos from
one of our Advisors, Gary Shannon. It still needs some navigation
design but the photos are great to look at.

We have updated our Cuban Cigars page and linked that from the main
page because of the interest.

If you would like to write for the Havana Journal or have a press
release, click on the FAQ - About Us - Write link in the footer.

We have updated all the FAQs and added that “write for the Havana
Journal” feature.

Also, you can now read about the management, our location and other
behind-the-scenes information.


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