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We are in the process of launching new forums so you can direct your questions and comments to our diverse, passionate and knowledge readers.

We have also redesigned the site a bit to make it more user friendly.

1. We visitors are no longer required to subscribe in order to post articles, questions or comments. The calendar of events is no longer subscriber protected.


1a. We have removed the Community feature.
1b. We have opened the Events pages to all visitors.
1c. We are no longer accepting posts to our News sections but we have redesigned and re-launching our forums. All visitors can now openly post in these forums.
1d. The is no way to log in now and really no reason to do so. The minimal amount of information that we required from in order to subscribe will be deleted from our database and, as always, will not be used for any reason nor given away or sold.
1e. The forums and Meeting Place will provide a much better user experience for all of us. Enjoy!

2. We see ALL postings and reserve the right to ban the IP address of reader for inappropriate content (excessive swearing or intentionally disruptive behavior). However, we encourage ALL political views and discussion. We encourage freedom and diversity so be open minded.

Still some work to be done so we thank you for your patience.

Rob Sequin


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