Isla de la Juventud - Casa Particular Odalis Peña Fernandez
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At the beginning of this year my Travelpartner and I did an excursion to the Isla de la Juventud. We stayed at Casa Particular Odalis Peña Fernandez and had some unpleasant experiences. Soon after the arrival we told Señora Odalis that we would like to departure by airplane from the Island. She promised us tickets for 41 CUC + 5 CUC “commission” each. We handed Señora Odalis the money over. The days went on but she put us from day to day without tickets. We believed her as she was kind and we thought having built up a good relation. But at the morning of our last day she returned 41 CUC to each of us, telling that we can buy the tickets at the airport. A Lady employed at the Airport is in the know. The second surprise was that the Rooms were not just 15 CUC each, as agreed, but additionally 5 CUC for the breakfast and 7 CUC for the dinner for each person and each day! Thats a lot of money for cuban conditions!!!
At the Airport we asked and bid for tickets all the day, but it was not possible for us to get them as the Lady was actually not in know!!! We could get back the 10 CUC from Señora Odalis, claiming the money the same evening. But we had a challenging time departing from the island and with the further room reservations.