Cuba E-book on Amazon: An American Tourist in Fidel’s Cuba
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“An American Tourist in Fidel’s Cuba” is a helpful guide for Americans interested in traveling to Cuba. In his book, Mark Goldman brings us into the Cuban world, introducing us to the outside markets, vintage cars from the 1950s, Cuban families enjoying their time together, young girls wearing colorful and elaborate dresses while sitting on the grounds and having pigeons perch on them, and the old haunts of one of America’s most treasured writers, Ernest Hemingway. “For over 20 years, this Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize winning writer lived in and around Cuba. He drank in the Cuban bars and loved to fish off the island’s shores. The people referred to him as ‘Ernesto’ or ‘Papa.’ He was Cuba’s favorite Yankee, even admired by Fidel Castro himself. They named Marina Hemingway, Cuba’s largest marina, after him.”

Although this book is on Kindle, one doesn’t necessarily need to own a kindle in order to purchase or read it. Upon purchase of the book, Amazon offers a FREE kindle downloading application in which you can use to read kindle books.

Follow this link to receive your own digital copy of the book at