Some Cuba domains I recently bought
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Here are some of the Cuba domain names that I recently acquired.—Came up in a drop so I had to have it. No other bidders so I got it for $69. is developed but Habana casino is a generic term so there are no trademark issues. and—I can use the first one as a calendar of events and the second one is just for fun… as in we’re Havana party!—This was registered 1998 and is a nice compliment to my developed site featuring the history of the port of Havana.—Yes. La Habana Vieja. I developed a website about Habana Vieja or old Havana and have wanted to buy for many years. I was offered the domain in 2009 for $25,000. I offered $2000 and they didn’t sell it. Now I own it because I know how to buy domains that expire and become available for registration. I am THRILLED that I only had to pay $114 for this FANTASTIC Cuba geodomain. Funny that it would have cost me a lot more than that had I registered it 1999. So, thanks to the previous owner for paying all those annual renewal fees for me for 13 years. (No. the domain is not for sale.) and were hand registered since they complement—I bought this to go with my Want to visit an urban farm in Cuba called an organoponico?—Crazy right? Who wants to visit Guantanamo. First of all Guantanmo is a city and province in Cuba that has nothing to do with the Naval base/prisoner detention center at Guantanamo Bay. So, if you think is weird,

PS sold for $110,000. So, I think my $12.99 investment to get is a small price to pay.

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