Matt Lawrence - BETRAYAL: Clinton, Castro & the Cuban 5
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Cuba’s “non-spy for a spy trade”—the truth behind the Alan Gross/Cuban 5 saga

My name is Matt Lawrence, co-author of BETRAYAL: Clinton, Castro & the Cuban 5 (non-fiction, paperback and Kindle). turn up your speakers

The unmentioned back story on the Cuban 5 is, they were tried and convicted of numerous charges including working as unregistered agents and possessing false identification.

They were caught spying, some on military installations; others infiltrated the Miami exile community. (and in later years as a result of them being arrested, Ana Belen Montes, a 16-year Defense Intelligence Agency analyst was caught—working for the Cuban government as a Cuban spy!)

The Cuban 5 were part of a larger Cuban DGI operation called the Wasp Network.  Half of the Cuban 5’s cohorts accepted plea deals while the Cuban 5 chose to go to trial.

The puzzle piece that so far has been missing in recent press is—two of the convicted Cuban 5 agents (Gerardo Hernandez and Rene Gonzalez) infiltrated the Miami based, volunteer flight rescue group Brothers to the Rescue.

They then helped the Cuban government plot, plan and perpetuate the shoot down of two of the group’s aircraft—four men were murdered.

Hernandez is serving double life sentences for his efforts in the shoot down; Rene Gonzalez was recently released on parole in Miami and has just returned from a “humanitarian visit” to Cuba to see an ailing brother.

A third member of the Cuban spy network, Juan Pablo Roque had also infiltrated the Brothers organization; yet he was able to flee the U.S. on the day before the shoot down.

Roque, had married a Miami woman (for cover) while working in South Florida as a Cuban DGI operative, and also worked as a double agent in providing the F.B.I. with disinformation on the Brothers organization and the Miami exile community.

He is living in Cuba, dare we call him a “free man”.

As if the story regarding the Cuban 5 is not clandestine enough, our book, BETRAYAL: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban 5 exposes those in the Clinton Administration who knew well in advance of the shoot down, yet did nothing to prevent it.

Those U.S. officials include Governor Bill Richardson, Sandy Berger, Richard Nuccio and a host of retired military and diplomatic corps personnel.

Please take a moment to review my website and please note those who endorse our thirteen years of investigation.

BETRAYAL: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban 5 has been vetted by multiple media sources and was included on the CIA’s website last summer.

The Cuban 5 are an intricate part of a current news story, and an intricate piece of the puzzle in the plight of Alan Gross.


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