New Cuba domain name registrations
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From our Cuba Watch Newsletter issue #1

We actively follow new Cuba domain registrations since new registrations provide insight into soon-to-be-developed websites, business models, ideas and investors in the Cuba arena.

One can learn much from monitoring Cuba domain name registrations. In no particular order, these are some recent domain name registrations:
Crescencio Martinez of Miami registered and

Tropic Ocean Airways Inc registered these domains:

A person from Camaguey registered the domain name using a email address. Good to see the Cuban people able to register domain names.

The Key West General Store Inc. registered to go along with their .com registration from June of this year. Notice that this domain is a mispelled version of Key West To Cuba.

A person from Russia registered the domain name

The Key West to Cuba connection is now much more valuable now that Key West International Airport can offer charter flights to Cuba.

Havana Journal Inc registered: (to point to our site)

and we recently bought, and and

Googgeek International inc. registered:

Northerly Ltd. registered:

Miscellaneous registrants

These domains were all registered by different, non-US registrants in mid October and

Tocororo Travel is starting a business with

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