Cuban/ Canadian Union- Marry in Cuba or Canada?
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This is my first post. I have found lot’s of really helpful information so far. Glad to be here.

My girlfriend is a Cuban national. She has family in Canada and a parent in the US. She comes to visit every summer. We met 3 years ago.

We are both done school this year and want to close the distance between us.

Initially her plan after graduation was always to join her Dad in the states. This would be relatively easy for her to do. Unfortunately Canada doesn’t have the same “dry foot” law the states have and the process to obtain more than a tourist visa is complicated.

Getting married appears to be the best and easiest avenue.

That said. My question is this:

Would it better for us to marry in Canada or Cuba?

Based on what I’ve read here, everyone marries in Cuba as the majority of Cubans aren’t eligible for tourist visas. Given the option to marry in Canada, I’m wondering if this could potentially speed up the process and avoid some of the expensive fees involved with legalizing and translating documents.