Commercial and HEMP with THC Farming of both varieties in Cuba?
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Would it be possible for President Castro and the appropriate Government Ministries of Health and Agriculture to allow the legal farming of both varieties of Hemp, which is the Non THC variety of hemp, and the THC variety for the extraction of the Medicinal Hemp Oil for the treatment of Cancer, Diabetes and other Life threatening Diseases?
Commercial Hemp which is the Non-THC form is a very desirable Cash Crop that can be made into hundreds of products including foods, paints, Bio-Fuels, and medicines.
The THC variety of Hemp can be distilled and the essential Hemp Oil with THC and other beneficial plant chemicals can be extracted and used in the Medical clinics to treat Cancer, Diabetes and other life threatening diseases.
If the ministry of Health looked at the results from researchers all over the world, they would immediately see the Medicinal benefits of HEMP OIL with THC in treating Cancers and many other diseases.
This would allow the establishment of a whole new Medical Treatment system in Cuba, with hundreds of thousands of Patients and their care giver family members coming with them to Cuba for treatment, and Cure of their Cancer and other diseases.
These patients and their caregivers would bring massive amounts of money to pay for their Treatments in Hospitals and local clinics, as well as causing a large amount of local hotels and restaurants to flourish.
In addition to that if the government allowed private use of HEMP OIL WITH THC for those who have contracted Cancer, Diabetes and other life threatening diseases, the masses of those with Cancer would be able to self treat and cure themselves if they cannot afford to seek treatment in a hospital or clinic.
There are many thousands of articles on the internet pertaining to the beneficial use of Hemp Oil with THC.
One of the internet sites that show the use of HEMP OIL with THC is that of Mr. Rick Simpson at
He most likely would also be available if asked and financed by the Cuban Government, to go to Cuba and put on seminars for the various government agencies who would be promoting the THC Drug variety of HEMP for the medicinal uses of curing Cancer and other diseases. In addition he would host seminars with “Hands on Demonstrations” of making the Medicine out of the Hemp with THC. He can be contacted through his website.
A search on Facebook for Rick Simpson, HEMP Oil with THC, Cancer Cure with Hemp OIl, Dr. Robert Melamede a professor of the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs USA, and Granny Storm Crows List are all very good to search for to get information.
Another scientific study done on THC killing brain cancer cells can be found on
It shows THC killing Brain Cancer Cells and leaving the healthy brain cells alone.
There is a video on Facebook called, “Run from the Cure” which is a very dramitic video documentation on the use of HEMP OIL WITH THC curing cancer and other diseases.0   You have posted 0 times
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This is an excellent idea and should be explored. Did you get anywhere with it? I’m surprised nowhere’s got the balls for it. Maybe Vanuatu would be a better location? Somewhere’s got to allow a trial at least, I’m sure thered be enough volunteers…?

For anyone interested its well worth watching the doc ‘what if cannabis cured cancer’.

more info for anyone interested:


Cancer-fighting properties of cannabis
More than twenty major studies published between 2001 and 2006have shown that the chemicals in cannabis known as cannabinoids have a significant effect fighting cancer cells. We now know cannabinoids arrest many kinds of cancer growths (brain, breast, leukemic, melanoma, phaeochromocytoma, et al.) through promotion of apoptosis (programmed cell death) that is lost in tumors, and by arresting angiogenesis (increased blood vessel production).
Recent scientific advances in the study of cannabinoid receptors and endocannabinoids have produced exciting new leads in the search for anti-cancer treatments.
There is growing evidence of direct anti-tumor activity of cannabinoids, specifically CB1 and CB2 agonists, in a range of cancer types including brain (gliomas), skin, pituitary, prostate and bowel. The antitumor activity has led in laboratory animals and in-vitro human tissues to regression of tumors, reductions in vascularisation (blood supply) and metastases (secondary tumors), as well as direct inducement of death (apoptosis) among cancer cells. Indeed, the complex interactions of endogenous cannabinoids and receptors are leading to greater scientific understanding of the mechanisms by which cancers develop.
The findings of these studies are borne out by the reports of such patients as Steve Kubby, whose cannabis use is credited with keeping a rare, terminal cancer in a state of remission for decades beyond conventional expectations.
Research on tumor reduction
Although cannabis smoke has been shown to have precancerous-causing effects in animal tissue, epidemiological studies on humans have failed to link cannabis smoking with cancer.21,22  If smoke inhalation is a concern, cannabis can be used with a vaporizer, orally in baked goods, and topically as a tincture or a suppository.
Cannabinoids, the active components of cannabis, have been shown to exhibit anti-tumor properties. Multiple studies published between 2001 and 2006 found that cannabinoids inhibit tumor growth in laboratory animals.23-27 In another study, injections of synthetic THC eradicated malignant brain tumors in one-third of treated rats, and prolonged life in another third by as much as six weeks.28 Other journals have also reported on cannabinoids’ antitumoral potential.29-35 Italian research teams reported in 1998 and 2001 that the endocannabinoid anandamide, which binds to the same brain receptors as cannabis, “potently and selectively inhibits the proliferation of human breast cancer cells in vitro” by interfering with their DNA production cycle.36-38 Cannabis has been shown in recent studies to inhibit the growth of thyroid, prostate and colorectal cancer cells.39-41 THC has been found to cause the death of glioma cells.42,43 And research on pituitary cancers shows cannabinoids are key to regulating human pituitary hormone secretion.44-47

(1 of 3) “Carboxyl group (attached to THC) doesn’t allow THC to fit into the Cannabinoid receptor completely, so it needs to be Decarboxylated (removed by Rick Simpson’s method) then THC can slide all the way into the receptor.”
Dr. Frankel
‪EssiacHempLaetrile‬ 11 months ago
(2 of 3) “THC induces the Cancerous cell to make a fatty substance called ceramide, which prompts the cell to start devouring itself, noncancerous cells don’t make ceramide when they come into contact with THC. The healthy cells don’t die.”
Biochemists Guillermo Velasco & Manuel Guzmán, Complutense University
‪EssiacHempLaetrile‬ 11 months ago
(3 of 3) “Normal & Cancerous Immune cells contain Cannabinoid Receptors (CB2), the CB2 can act like a target. Cannabinoids once they bind with the CB2, they can tell the Cancer cell to die. Therefore can be used effectively as an Anti-Cancer agent. The Endocannabinoids that we produce are in such small quantities and rapidly degrade.”
Dr. Nagarkatti, Prof. of Immunology, University of South Carolina

-St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, “THC is a potent inducer of apoptosis” PMID: 15454482
-U. of Wolverhampton, “Antitumour actions of Cannabinoids” PMID: 14640910
-U. of Bristol, “THC induces apoptosis in Cancer cells.” PMID: 17583570
-U. of Plymouth, “Cannabinoids activate apoptosis in human glioma cells.” PMID: 18615640
-U. of London, Tel: +44 (0) 20 7882 7910, “Cannabis destroys Cancer cells
-Cancer Research UK, Tel: 020 7121 6699, “Slow growth, spread of Cancer cells & kill them”


“The team - based at Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry in London – have followed up on their previous findings that the main active ingredient in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has the potential to be used effectively against some forms of cancer. THC has previously been shown to attack cancer cells by interfering with important growth-processing pathways, however its mechanism of doing so has remained a mystery. Now, Dr Liu and his colleagues, using microarray technology – allowing them to simultaneously detect changes in more than 18,000 genes in cells treated with THC – have begun to uncover the existence of processes through which THC can kill cancer cells and potentially promote survival.”
The active ingredient in marijuana cuts tumor growth in common lung cancer in half and significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread, say researchers at Harvard University who tested the chemical in both lab and mouse studies.

Delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), inhibits EGF-induced growth and migration in epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) expressing non-small cell lung cancer cell lines. Lung cancers that over-express EGFR are usually highly aggressive and resistant to chemotherapy.
The researchers tested the chemicals on different human prostate cancer cell lines grown in the lab, and found that they could slow down their growth and trigger cell death - Professor Ines Diaz-Laviada and her team at the University of Alcala in Madrid
“We know that there are as many or more carcinogens and co-carcinogens in marijuana smoke as in cigarettes,” researcher Donald Tashkin, MD, of UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine tells WebMD. “But we did not find any evidence for an increase in cancer risk for even heavy marijuana smoking.” Carcinogens are substances that cause cancer.
Cellular studies and even some studies in animal models suggest that THC has antitumor properties, either by encouraging the death of genetically damaged cells that can become cancerous or by restricting the development of the blood supply that feeds tumors, Tashkin tells WebMD.
In a review of the research published last fall, University of Colorado molecular biologist Robert Melamede, PhD, concluded that the THC in cannabis seems to lessen the tumor-promoting properties of marijuana smoke.

Studies suggest that marijuana smoke contains 50% higher concentrations of chemicals linked to lung cancerlung cancer than cigarette smoke. Marijuana smokers also tend to inhale deeper than cigarette smokers and hold the inhaled smoke in their lungs longer.
So why isn’t smoking marijuana as dangerous as smoking cigarettes in terms of cancercancer risk?

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Swiss, Thanks for the comments and wonderful information. As you can see I am not a medical or scientific professional. I appreciate everything you posted.
Is there not any courageous people out there who have stories to share and could help pave the way to contact any countries government officials to help with this issue?

I am supprised also that the Government of Cuba and other Countries are not jumping on this also. I am trying to make contacts in the Cuban Government to introduce them to Rick Simpson. Being in the US this is a bit difficult as Big Brother is most likely monitoring all my posts. What I am trying to accomplish is to get any Countries government approval for a dialog with Rick and their agricultural government agency to allow the cultivation of MJ for the medicinal study, research and testing of MJ products such as Hemp Oil with THC in the treatment of serious diseases such as Cancers, Diabetes, MS, Alz and others.
I also want to get the Government of Cuba to allow my friend Rick Simpson to freely travel there and allow him the complete freedom to Teach farmers how to grow MJ and allow him to work with Medical doctors to produce the Pure Hemp Oil with THC to treat the above diseases. He only will go there if the government removes any laws prohibiting the private growing and processing of MJ and officially makes it LEGAL for people to grow their own MJ and to be able to LEGALLY produce their own Hemp Oil with THC to treat their own diseases.
Rick is one of the original promoters of Hemp Oil with THC to treat cancer and other diseases. His web site is at: and can be contacted there.
He has had to stay away from his home of Canada as there is a warrant out for him for growing MJ and making the Oil and GIVING it away for FREE to anyone who came to him with Cancer and other diseases.
He was in Europe at the time he heard of the RCMP wanting him to come back, but he realized it would seal his death warrant if he went home and was locket up without ability to grow MJ and make his Oil to treat his own conditions.
He is now in another country, but does not want to let anyone know now where he is for the time being.
It is amazing to see first hand the wonders of this plant.
I have CLL and my WBC count is slowly going down as I consume Hemp OIL with THC. If I had an ample supply of MJ I could take it three times a day and get rid of CLL in a hurry.
Another site to look at is to see Brain Cancer Cells being killed while leaving normal brain cells alone and healthy.
Also do a search on Youtube for Granny Storm Crows list. She has compiled thousands of research studies of Doctors and Scientists who study the effects of THC on diseases. Her list is in Alphabetical order by the name of the disease or ailment.
If you have any contacts in the Government of Cuba or Venuzuela that I could contact I would appreciate the referral.
Can you imagine the embarassment of the US Government and and other Countries Governmental officials if another country allowed the Open cultivation of MJ and the production of Hemp OIl with THC by private individuals. How about if these governments allowed Doctors, Hospitals and clinics to invite Cancer patients to come to their country and treated them with Hemp OIl with THC and they went home completely cured?
It would only take one Country to do this to embarrass the US Government into changing their prohibition of this plants medicine.
Come on Fidel and Raul, don’t you want to embarrass the US Government. If so then Jump on this.