Import Cuba to UK ?
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Hello everyone, I am new here. Recently was on holiday in Cuba - two centres Havana and Varadero. Loved it very much, especially the warmth from the Cuban people. Of course I was subjected to a few ‘beggars’ and pushy street people, but in general felt safe and in good company. Having read a few comments on here I am worried this is the behaviour towards tourists, but still find it hard to believe people could be genuinely false if that statement makes any sense so would prefer to continue my belief that there are some very genuine and honest people to be dealing with out there.
Anyway, I digress slightly. I am an importer and exporter here in the UK, mainly motor industry related items, and have been doing so for 26 years now. I would really like to explore importing goods from Cuba for resale here. Of course motor industry stuff is my main knowledge base, but in this economic climate, am willing to have a look at anything, so long as its nice quality and saleable.  Are there any leads I can follow ?
thanks for reading

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Hi Tim, could be interesting your idea, I can advice you later, you can find my profile here, I´m give advice or recommendation about how star business with cuban companies