My money was stolen by - this is a real story
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Hi.  Now before anyone accuses me of spamming if you send me a private message I will be more than willing to send you screenshots of my bank statements as well as screenshots of my hung order at CL for proof.

I ordered $400 worth of cigars from  After about 10 days nothing was happening.  I sent them an email to ask for a refund and again nothing happened.  This company seems to be refusing to refund my money OR ship me the order.  Now perhaps $400 isn’t a lot of money for some of you, but it is for me.  And the way this company handles their business is despicable.  Since this forum is sponsored by this company I wanted to make others aware of what has happened to me.  I deal with several different sources and never had any problems with any of the others.  This is the 2nd time I ordered from this particular vendor and have had problems both times but this time they seem to have decided to simply keep my money.  I hope this message finds others who are considering purchasing from this company and allows them the opportunity to avoid be scammed such as I have been. 

This is a factual account of something that has really happened to me.  If this post gets removed by moderators I will assume they are aware of the fact that CL is scamming people and is in on it.

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I was going to remove this post because we are not a customer service or gripe site.

Then I figured I would leave it up to show people that maybe it’s your attitude and that maybe you are inpatient or pushy or just plain hard to satisfy.

You say that if I removed this post then I’m guilty of being “aware of the fact that CL is scamming people”.

Geesh. Shoot first and ask questions later, huh?

So, you place an order and don’t hear anything for ten days then demand a refund and call them despicable? Maybe the cigars have been shipped or back ordered? Maybe your email went into their spam box. Did you call them?

Be sure to come back and post here when your cigars arrive.


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