Search engine placement for and Havana Network websites
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———————————————————————————- enjoys tens of thousands of visitors each month from search engines and repeat visitors.

Mostly for our own research, we searched a number of Cuba related keywords in Google in order to see how the and other Havana Network sites ranked.

As you can see by the keywords and ranking placement numbers below, and sister sites are well positioned to capture new visitors from Google. We did not search at other search engines.

More than one number below indicates either multiple positions for and/or one or more Network sites in the same search engine results. Of course search engine results vary over time but these number are accurate as of the most recent update as posted above.

Key = position 9 means the 9th placement of one of our sites in the search results.

Search engine placement results for and sister sites in our Havana Network

Business in Cuba - positions 1,3

Cohiba Esplendidos - position 3,4,8

Cohibas - position 20

Cuba business – positions 2,4

Cuba calendar – position 5

Cuba chamber of commerce – position 7

Cuba conference – position 1

Cuba consulting – positions 1,2,3,5

Cuba forum – position 3

Cuba legal services – positions 1,2,5,6

Cuban birth certificates – positions 1,2,3,4

Cuban rum – positions 3

Cuba real estate – position 9

Cuba realty – position 1

Cuba stocks - positions 2,3,4,8

Escozul – positions 4,5

Habana Vieja – position 4

Havana business – position 4

Havana news – position 1

Havana vacations – position 10

Jardines del Rey - position 6

Port of Havana – positions 3,4

Travel service provider - position 6


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