Are these Cohibas fake or real?
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I’ve been looking into getting some cigars and I found some of these cigars locally. Says bought in recent trip to Cuba.

The pics are small because the seller hasn’t gotten back to me yet but hopefully someone is able to tell whether they are fake or not so I don’t have to deal with thieves.

Thanks in advance!


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They look real to me, though it can be very hard to distinguish the fakes.
Here’s what I look for…
1. The Cigars:
The Cigars should be well rolled and well preserved. Often times con men in Cuba or Mexico will show you a box of real Cohibas and then, through some slight of hand, send you on your way with a box of fake cigars.
2. The Box:
Cohiba and most Cuban Cigar manufacturers spend lots of money and time making there boxes look perfect. If the box looks cheap, the cigars are too.
3. The Certificate:
All proper boxes of Cuban Cigars will come with a Certificate stating they we’re made in Cuba. It’s about 1.5’’ x 3’’ and looks much like a dollar bill. If there’s no certificate, they are fakes, no question.
4. The Price:
You get what you pay for, a box of proper Cuban Cigars will NEVER be less than $100.

The best thing to do is to order your Cuban from a country where crime and counterfeiting isn’t as rampant as it is in Central America.

I order all my Cuban’s from Canada. I’ve ordered about 10 boxes from a shop in Victoria and have never had any problems with shipping or authenticity.|
I deal with a young man there named Yohji. The number at the shop is 1 888 845 6111

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