cuban cigars in USA
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Sorry if I’m mistaking but I need some help to see if there is a way to receive Cuban Cigars in USA.

I just moved to here and read something about the embargo.

Please give some on line store I can trust. have you ordered with Unicos Habanos???


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Isn’t Cuban cigars illegal in USA? i always see it in the movies….or was it an old thing when there was the cuban missle crisis

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I just received 2 boxes from a cigar shop in Canada. One beautiful box of Cohiba Magicos and another box of Partagas D4’s.
There’s a young man I deal with there, his name is Yohji (Yo-she).
All their shipping is guaranteed, I highly recommend them.
The phone number is 1 888 845 6111

I hope that helps!