Famous La Guarida paladar restaurant in Havana closed?
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El Yuma is reporting that the the famed Cuban restaurant, La Guarida (as seen in the film “Fresa y Chocolate”) has closed.

The site claims that the paladar/restaurant has closed “after years of struggling against the twin forces of bureaucracy and politics”.

Penultimos Dias reported the bad news:

“The emblematic Havana restaurant La Guarida closed its doors today for good. It was perhaps the last paladar that remained with a certain level of quality and attention, and doubtless the best known… La Guarida survived almost everything, but in the end the government’s hatchet fell and cut it to pieces, giving its owner a final chance to close it today and avoid jail and a painful bureaucratic process…”

At this time, the Havana Journal found no other reports of the famous paladar being closed even temporarily.

If anyone can visit La Guarida, please post your comments below. We will have our sources make a visit.


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there is a thread on it in Trip Advisor -  if i recall correctly some people in Havana confirmed it has been closed.

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I was there 2 weeks ago and it was closed . They said it was under"renovation”; which if it like everything else in Cuba the job should be done in about 12 years grin

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Cocina de Liliam continues. La Fontana seems to be thriving. Last I heard El Palio was great.