Hypocrite Raul Castro calling the pot black
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Raul Castro: Copenhagen a failure before it starts


President Raul Castro has declared the global climate summit a failure before it starts.

Addressing the leftist Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas trade group on Sunday, Castro said that though Copenhagen should produce “concrete, verifiable steps to confront the effects of climate change, we already know there will be no agreement.”

He said instead the world, “can only wait for a political pronouncement.” He says leaders from the nine-country group gathered in Havana must devise their own “firm position on this decisive matter for the future of the human species.”

Castro also is calling for regional unity to face the global economic crisis, saying many “have declared, with unjustified optimism, the end of the recession.”


Really President Castro? Maybe you’d like to talk about the pollution in Havana harbor or maybe the sulfur loaded oil that your country burns? I know Cuba is green because it is a poor country thanks to the US Embargo. Thanks. I have your answer.

Now you are speaking like Fidel but it’s just funny… in a sad way.


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