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Hello All,

  Can anyone from Cuba help me with information. I am looking for a contact in Cuba who has a knowledge of the motor trade. I am not talking about new cars, I would like to hear from people who are able to source the stunning classic cars from Cuba to bring to the UK. I have clients up and down the UK who restore classic cars and could be interested in Cuban cars. I would prefer cars that require work to them or not….

Kind Regards

Glenn Hoddy

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I do not think you can export any Cuban cars for any reason. There is no “motor trade” in Cuba.

All cars are owned by the Cuban government.


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Actually the old “American” cars are mostly owned by the people but they are not allowed to export them. They can sell them within Cuba. I know somebody that bought several Harley Davidson and keep them in a garage waiting for Castro to pass away. I do not know if that would work for you.
Another thing to keep in mind is that while there are some still really stunning cars in Cuba most of the old “American” cars are not stunning anymore. They look nice from far and in the pictures but when you go there they have lots of Russian spare parts adapted and many are now running on other engines. Very common to see Chevy‚Äôs with newer diesel engines Mercedes, Perkins, etc.

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Some pristine cars are still left. Go to the Piraqua (at the foot of Hotel Nacional) on a Saturday afternoon and admire them! A solution would be to export them as parts. You would have to demantle them completely… Seems to work for motors, so why not for cars?


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