Havana Club rum to restyle brand in 2010
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Several of the famous Havana Club rums will display a new image starting in 2010, reported the company’s directors in this capital.

Enrique Noste, sales and marketing manager for Cuba of Havana Club International, told ACN that the first changes will be made to the seven year aged rum, a brand that holds great acceptance and leads the super Premium dark rum products worldwide.

Noste explained that this strategy includes the making of a more stylish bottle, which evokes the craftsmanship of Cuban producers, like Juan Jose Navarro, maestro of the art of mixing different blends.

The design will also have notes and the signature of this renowned specialist, as well as a guarantee seal certifying the rum has been through a seven year long aging process, pointed out Noste.

Other changes are on the price, which is still under discussion with the main Havana Club clients, in order that, in due time, the modification will come into effect.

The company’s official said that they can talk at the moment of an increase in the sales volume, considering the same period in 2008.

Also, they are promoting on the Internet the Cuban mojito, through the Mojito.com website, as well as encouraging customers to make the traditional Cuban cocktails using Havana Club three year old rum.

According to Havana Club’s directors, this brand is commercialized in 125 countries, the main consumers being Germany, France, Chile and Greece.


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