Another shameful lawsuit by a Cuban American for wrongful death in 1960
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The Miami relatives of a Cuban-American executed by the Castro government in 1960 are suing U.S. phone companies, documents indicate.

Survivors of Bobby Fuller have filed suit to confiscate hundreds of millions of dollars of revenues posted by such U.S. carriers as AT&T and Sprint from their cooperation with the Cuban telephone
monopoly Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A., also known as ETECSA, The Miami Herald reported Sunday.

Fuller’s relatives and other Miami families have more than $1 billion in outstanding “wrongful death” judgments against the Cuban government. The newspaper said Fuller was executed by a Cuban firing squad for allegedly participating in a botched raid against the new revolutionary government.

The Herald said the family’s suit could expose secret details of how U.S. telephone carriers cooperate with ETECSA through third parties to provide coverage between the United States and Cuba, while the phone companies say their arm’s-length relationship with ETECSA shields them from direct links with the Cuban government.

“The stakes are huge,’’ attorney Andrew Hall, who won $13 million from Sudan for the deaths of 17 U.S. sailors killed in the terrorist attack on the USS Cole, told the newspaper.


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