CU + CA Joint Venture
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What it takes to register a joint Cuban/Canadian legal entity? What are the advantages/priveleges I will attain from the business prospective? We are in a food market in Canada and the intent is to import to Cuba some of our assortment (baby food, health supplement, powder food, etc) How the import system works? Declare the value, have requested certificates available, pay the custom duty - free to distribute on Cuba soil?

I realize it is a very broad question, but some initial guidance would be appreciated.

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Gee I thought casinos and hotels were sposed to be the main grove thing in Cuba. You wanna ship food down there? That is insane. Its like you wanna help peoples out or some thing by giving them what they need. Anyway I know a boy, might know some peoples, might help you out. Call BOO 725 896 4742 or e mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)