What is subsidized in Cuba?
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With food being distributed by the Goverment, I am wondering what else Cubans are getting? In particular my question is: the electricity Cubans use to power houses is it free for them?

1. Or if they pay for it - how much is 1 Kw of electricity for Cubans?
2. How much is 1Kw for businesses like hotels?

If anyone has specific numbers - would be great to hear… Thanks.

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There were reports a year or so ago - the price of electricity to Cuban homes was increased substantially - especially for “heavy users”.

Prices for hotels vary depending on whether it is a joint venture or wholly Cuban (government) owned.

The telephone service is very cheap to Cubans. A few years ago, the government distributed pressure cookers, electric rice cookers, energy saving light bulbs, fridges, all at subsidised prices.