Some recent Cuba domain purchases and registrations
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If you buy Cuba domains, there are plenty of good Cuba domains for sale in the secondary market, in the drop market or to be hand registered. Here is a list of my Cuba domain purchases, drop catches and hand registrations for recent days.

See my notes in parenthesis and feel free to leave your comments (good or bad) below. (Cienfuegos is a city and a province. Someday there will be job postings in Cuba. We are thinking of changing our site to (Unwanted by the previous owner probably because of all the dashes but might work well in the search engines if/when we develop it.) (I bought a large Cuba atlas several years ago showing all sorts of maps and a variety of data. This atlas will be online some day.) (Just a matter of time… for all of us.) (Very happy with the acquisition in the secondary market. We will continue to develop it.) (aka Habana del Este. I see HUGE potential for this area of Havana… someday.) (Many Canadians and Europeans are traveling to Cuba for cosmetic surgery now.) (You think?! Hand reg for $8) (Not to be confused with owned by Charlie Sims of Hawaii who refuses to take down or proprietary logo design from his numerous sites so he’s gets his domain mentioned here. (Now points to our newly redesigned site. (casas particulares) (For our site) (Marianao is a beautiful area of Havana) (a municipality of Havana) (Santa Lucia in Camaguey, GREAT beach!) (Plenty of casas particulares in Trinidad) (Cost less than $50 per year to own all these Varadero domains. Not a bad investment?)

If you have any Cuba related domains for sale, be sure to use that Contact Us link at the bottom of this page grin


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