Did Cuba other Marxist abandon the Tamil Tigers?
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Anti-Tamil stand taken by Cuba,Bolivia and Nicaragua in UNHCR

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Dear Comrade,
It is a great shock for the People of Tamil Nadu to find that Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia among other countries have supported the Sri Lanka Government in annihilating the Tamil Population in the Island nation.

I am disheartened and depressed both as a Tamilian and as an admirer and supporter of the Liberation Movements of the Latin American Countries. I have spent more than Twenty-Five years in Translating and writing on and about the heroic Cuban and Nicaraguan Revolutions, the Social-Democratic movements of Chile, Venezuela and Bolivia. I have published more than ten books translated by me and have been instrumental in the publication of several books on the various steps being taken now in Latin America under the guidance of Cuba & Venezuela. We, the friends of Latin America, have been watching the happenings in this part of the world like the formation of the ALBA, BANCO DE SUR & PSUV with great expectations for a socialist transformation of the entire region. My friends – both writers and others used to make fun of me saying that though I have been born in Tamil Nadu, India, my heart and soul are permanently wandering in Cuba and Venezuela. But now, with this act of Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia signing against the right of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, I find that I have no ground to stand…

It is unbelievable that these countries could sign in support of the Sri Lanka Government (henceforth SLG) in this genocide of Tamils. How could Raul Castro, Daniel Ortega and Evo Morales from the Land of Marti, Sandino and Bolivar favour the crushing of a Liberation Movement?


Did Cuba and other Marxist Countries like Nicaragua, Bolivia abandon Tamils to support both India and China who are both Marxist friendly now but also racist and the darker Asian people. Do does White is right, Brown stay around and black stay back still apply because if it does then Marxism will eventually fail also because as long as black people are not free all over the world from White or now Brown people, and as long their is oppression and tierney in the world that black people weather in Africa or Asia, as long as black who are always on the bottom on of the list weather in Tamil India or Sri Lanka or Cuba in Latin America Marxist is not for is not justice a Brown or liberal White revolution but at its core is has an will always be a black revolution; toussaint l’ouverture provide that many years ago and that revolution spread all over the world produce many of the black and especially brown and yellow free and independant Countries you see today but roots of revolution is black not brown or white! Who support Fidel Castro for 50 years in Cuba? Black people did. I hope that in the future that Cuba, Nicaguaga, and Bolivia will member their black and Mestizos or Indios populations and there fight for Justice and Equality for people of Color who the hardcore Marxist of their societies and I hope they will eventually support the Tamil people both in South India and Sri Lanka over their struggle over the Caste System which Basis toward blacks in Asia. If they don’t support independence of Tamil at the least object to the racist Caste System and call for it end.