Cuban Spies at the State Department – Agents 202 and 123
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On Friday, the news carried a story about the latest in a string of arrests of spies at work for Cuba against the United States – this time the arrest was of a senior government employee named Walter Myers and his wife, Gwendolyn Myers, whose spying lasted 30 years and actually preceded their employment by the U.S. Department of State, where they rose through the ranks to the most trusted positions of authority in the intelligence sector.

Finding such spies is like listening for the hand not clapping – yet they were still found. The evidence was already sufficient before Myers retired from his post at the State Department’s sensitive Intelligence and Research Bureau (INR), although it still took two more years to arrest them. During that time, Federal agents followed their moves and sought to roll up their support network. Walter Myers worked in one of the most sensitive sections of the State Department, dealing directly with security and intelligence data and policy on a daily basis. From there, like an octopus, he could reach into the most secretive corners of the intelligence community and regularly review the most sensitive of all US secrets – right up to Top Secret / SCI levels and even some code word documents. He held that position from 2000 until retirement in 2007.

In other words, everything that we thought was protected and saved from the reach of convicted Cuban spy, Ana Belen Montes, who was arrested in the days after 9/11, was exposed after all by the overlapping web of agents Cuba maintains in full on assault against the United States. Her role is detailed in the book, BETRAYAL: Clinton Castro & the Cuban Five (more at Matt Lawrence Books ), which also uncovers the extraordinary mission taken by Cuban agents in the murder of American citizens.

The damage done by Walter and Gwendolyn Myers, a husband and wife team known as Agents 202 and 123, no doubt included the transmission of U.S. plans and deliberations of policies, strategies and tactics in the War on Terror. These were radioed to Cuba and from there, the information was sold to other countries like China, Russia, Syria, and North Korea. More disturbing is that Cuba, one of the world’s most prolific intelligence traffickers, has a long standing practice of selling to any buyer, some say even including to Al-Qaeda itself. Most probably, the information sent forward by the Myers will soon be realized to have cost the lives of American soldiers and agents.

These two spies stepped up neatly to fill the shoes left empty with the arrest of Montes, Cuba’s so-called “Queen of Spies”. From his position at INR, Myers had access to the entire intelligence catalog.  When the analysis is done, which may take about two years—if he and his wife are cooperative—this too will go down in history as one of the most damaging cases in espionage history.

The sad fact is that there are yet more spies still at work in America. Let’s hope that the noose tightens and that we can round them up and finish their reign of ideologically driven assistance to America’s enemies. Those whose job is in the shadowy world of counter-intelligence and whose mission it is to uncover and capture the enemies of this great nation deserve our most heartfelt thanks—they are truly great Americans.

As for the Myerses, espionage is a capital offense. Justice should be served, not simply as punishment for crimes of the highest order but as a message to those others who choose the dark road of espionage in their ill-begotten self-serving vendetta against the world’s greatest democracy. That Cuba continues to aggressively target America is bad enough, that some Americans are willing to go to work against the United States is simply horrific.

Thomas Van Hare
Author, Betrayal: Clinton Castro & the Cuban Five
Matt Lawrence Books


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