Cuban coffee
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Why at a forum there is no theme about the Cuban coffee? It is not interesting?
Whether coffee export is provided on Cuba? If yes, what companies attend to it?
Whether takes a place an international sales in a life of Cuba? In particular with Russia?
In advance thanks.

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Sounds like a great idea.

What can we talk about?


Cuba consulting services

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I the businessman from Russia.
My firm is engaged in trade basically wholesale, but retail takes place also.
Now we plan to enter the international market and to adjust business cooperation with a number of the countries.
Considering Russian-Cuban relations developing at present, Cuba is for us one of the most perspective and most interesting partners.

Within the limits of this question, it is a question directly of coffee.
There is an interest to adjust deliveries of the Cuban coffee to Russia.
Under the available data in Russia there is a company - “Del Rio”, / which like is the official distributor of the Cuban cigars and coffee in Russia.
But this company gives the basic attention certainly to cigars.
It is necessary to take into consideration that this company is in Moscow.
In Russia there is such specificity that it is possible to name Moscow the separate state,
separately from Russia if I am clearly expressed.
Our purpose is market saturation Cuban coffee in regions of Russia, in all areas.
We are ready to co-operate in any form which would be interesting to the Cuban coffee companies,
and would not contradict the Cuban legislation.