The End (of the Embargo) is near ? - Havana Journal update
Posted: 31 March 2009 09:12 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Dear Havana Journal member,

The Havana Journal has closely been following many Cuba related developments over the past couple weeks.

We are sending out this periodic newsletter for two reasons:

1. We have summarized all of the recent events that we feel are paving the road that will ultimately lead to the end of the Embargo. We are still on the road and as long time Cuba watchers know, we’ve been on a dead end many times before but I think many will agree… this time it’s different.

Read our summary here and decide for yourself.

2. There is a news conference tomorrow with several Senators who support S428, the Freedom to Travel to Cuba act, that will lift all travel restrictions on all Americans. We’ll find out tomorrow at noon how big the event will be but at least we wanted Havana Journal members to know about it.

Thank you.

Rob Sequin


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