Why Cuba’s embargo should be lifted?
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Yes, the Cuba embargo should be lifted when and if:
1- when Cuba gives to its citizens the freedom to speak and movilized any where.
2- if Cubans are not discriminated by its own government such as in public beaches
3- when Cubans are not limited to purchase food and clothing
4- if Cuban students are allowed to use freely the computer system
5- when Cubans receive an equal opportunity to purchase a car or motorcycle
6- if Cubans are exposed by the government to equal opportunity to education and jobs
7- when Cuban’s quality of live is dignify and respected with love and care as brotherhood
8- if Cubans can be enrolled to any level of local and international education and institutions
9- when Cubans can express themselves about any topic, and freely speak inside and outside of the country
10-if persecution to Cuban’s ends.

Kirk Nelson, Pres.
New York, NY. USA

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All good points but why not apply these same conditions to China. I don’t think the Chinese people have any of these freedoms.

I say lift the Embargo because it infringes on my rights as an American to travel freely to any country in the world that I want to.

The US has tried for almost 50 years to force Cuba to change. There is no other country on earth that the US has tried to change for so long with no results.

Maybe next year Cubans will have these freedoms?

Cubans don’t have these freedoms because of Fidel Castro, not because of the Embargo.


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