Is ESCOZUL is suitable for liver metastasis?
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My mother has had pure adenocarcinoma of the ovary, and then there was one liver metastasis. She went through two operations, and 4 chemotherapy (Taxol with Carboplatin, only Carboplatin, Etoposide)! Now she had four liver metastasis. So I had a few questions. First, is Escozul effective in this case? Second, is it possible therapy with Escozul and other therapy to go together? Third, what I exactly must do to get Escozul, step by step, because the trip to Cuba is very expensive and I can’t afford to waste money and time. Here in thisforum is mentioned that I must send patient’s medical history via e-mail (what is the e-mail) translated to Spanish (is it possible they to be on English), and then just to go to get it from the lab, is it right? How can I book an appointment with the laboratory before making any travelling arrangements to be sure that I will get Escozul? And at last, in my mom’s case what medical documents will be needed?
So I’m from Bulgaria, it’s quite away from Cuba, so I want to know exactly what to do before to go in Havana!

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