New Resorts For Cuba?
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I have visited Cuba on research for the past 16 years and strongly feel new resorts are not needed during this time of crisis. What is needed is to up their occupancy during the slow periods.
Occupancy can be improved by :::
1. New golf courses must be built in tourist areas.
2. Disney type theme parks should be built in all resort / hotel areas. these parks must be joint ventures with foreign companies.
3.Medical and dental tourism should be increased. Dental clinics are needed in large resorts and hotels.
4. Sporting events such as slow pitch softball should be established.
5. The value of the CUC $ must be decreased.
6. Card tournaments should be encouraged.
7. Backpacking / bike tourism must be encouraged at a reasonable cost.
8. New tourist type shopping centers need to be built.
9. Private restaurants should be allowed close to A.I. resorts.
10. Weddings , group travel and student tours must be promoted.
11. Resort / hotel workers should be given free email time to keep in contact with tourist friends.
12. Developments where Canadians / European can build / buy their own cabana , condo or house must be developed.
Please feel free to add your opinion and ideas.
Gordon “Cubaking” Robinson
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Those are all interesting suggestions and sound like they would all work.

Do you think the Cuban government is capable of these improvements?

Since marketing and competition are severely restricted in Cuba and no incentives for getting more customers, there is no real motivation to work any harder.

Would you say that is an accurate statement?


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Gordon “Cubaking” Robinson have your children been asking. All the best this year.


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