Ernest Hemingway’s letters and manuscripts being digitized in Havana Cuba
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Several documents written by US novelist and Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway will be available for experts in a digital format.

The Ernest Hemingway Museum, in Finca VigĂ­a, in Havana, will be in charge of providing those documents after a formal request from a prestigious institution.

After the US author’s death, some 2,000 documents, including letters and manuscripts of his works remained in his Havana residence.

Nearly 900 maps, 3,000 photos and 9,000 books, magazines and brochures will be available as well.

Experts from the Hemingway Museum, the National Preservation and Restoration Center and the National Cultural Heritage Council have taken actions to preserve and digitize the US writer’s legacy.

As a result of those actions, some 3,200 pages of documents have been digitized so far.


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