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As many readers of this Cuba Business on the Internet and Cuba Domain Names Forum know, the Havana Journal is a big investor in and developer of Cuba domains. I just wrote this article listing several reasons why we invest in Cuba domains and why I think everyone should invest in Cuba domains.

In no particular order, here are a number of Cuba related domains that we have recently acquired:

CubaViajes.com: Interesting story behind this but I’ll keep it short. This domain was available to me via auction back in July for $150 but I forgot to bid on it. Godaddy actually kept the domain for itself in a secret subsidiary called Standard Tactics. Andrew Allemann of DomainNameWire.com exposed GoDaddy’s ties to Standard Tactics and was invited to be on Radio Godaddy with CEO Bob Parsons. Mr. Parsons admitted that GoDaddy was warehousing domains and agreed to end the practice. Shortly after the radio show, CubaViajes.com was released at auction with a starting bid of $10. I was amazed to end up as the sole bidder so this valuable Spanish Cuba domain was acquired for $10. If anyone would like to develop a Cuba website in Spanish, I would welcome a discussion regarding development.

HavanaHolidays.com: This domain was registered in 1999 but for some reason, the registrant (owner) did not renew the domain. Since Havana Journal Inc own HavanaHoliday.com and HolidaysInHavana.com, I wanted this domain to compliment the others for future development. Several bidders expressed interest in this domain but only bid me up to $246. I think you can add a 0 to this domain and it would still be a great value. For American readers, holidays is the term used for vacations in Canada and Europe. If there are any Canadian or European tour operators or travel agencies that would like to partner up on this domain, please contact me.

CruisesToHavana.com: Once again, somebody didn’t want this domain so I bought it in a domain drop auction for $15. I think the cruise business will be one of the first to take off in Cuba especially since there will be a shortage of hotel rooms in Cuba. A cruiseship will offer premium accommodations for tourists visiting Cuba. Also, people will search for cruises to Havana and I expect them to type in cruisestohavana.com into their browser’s address bar which will take them to one of the Havana Journal properties.

CubaArbitration.com: Just a hand registration. Cost me $8. Some company will love to be known as the Cuba arbitration company that will review and settle disputes over seized Cuban property claims from Cuban Americans and US businesses. For $8 I am willing to speculate on price appreciation for this Cuba domain name.

CafeHabana.com: Yet another unloved domain. I bought it in a domain drop auction for $111. Goes nicely with my CafeHavana.com. Who knows the Havana Journal just might open a Cafe Habana in Habana Vieja or Vedado someday.

CubaStockIndex.com: I bought this because the Havana Journal is in the process of listing, reviewing and monitoring Cuba related stocks in order to create a Cuba stock index value that can be tracked and referred to as an industry standard metric for Cuba related stocks.

SportsInCuba.com: Just a hand registration. It compliments our developed Cuban sports website EsquinaCaliente.com that is in development.

TOTAL INVESTMENT FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE DOMAINS: $406. Next year’s cost to carry these domains: $56. How can you not consider Cuba domains to be a great way to invest in the future post-Embargo post-Castro Cuba?

Cigarros.com: The one that got away. This domain was dropping due to non-renewal by it’s owner. At the time of the drop, 82 bidders expressed interest. At the end of the three day auction, the high bidder won it with a high bid of $5,322. The Havana Journal bid $1500 and since this is not a pure Cuba related domain, we decided to let it go. At $5,322 we think the domain was overvalued but if the new owner has a business plan in mind then we think he/she can maximize the value of this cigar domain.

Wrap up: We are always looking to buy Cuba domain names and developed Cuba related websites. We are happy to buy quality portfolios or high quality Cuba domains.

Please post your comments on these domains, any Cuba investment or domain questions or interest to work with us on any of these domains to provide original content or development ideas.


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