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Las Corridas - antique car drag racing in Cuba

Posted November 03, 2013 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

The streets of Havana Cuba are known to be a rolling museum of classic American cars.

Recently, these cars have gone from the city streets to an abandoned airplane runway for Cuba’s newest sport… drag racing!

While all the cars are all old American or Russian cars, mostly cobbled together with Cuban ingenuity and homemade parts, drag racing in Cuba appears to be very exciting and is drawing many spectators.

Permitted by the Cuban government with basic safety inspectors and rules, the races are a gritty hobby of sorts for those with the ambition, talent and up-to-code cars.

CNN reports that there are no advertising sponsors or prize money and any track-side gambling is frowned upon.

Las Corridas, as the drag races are known, take place on an abandoned airfield an hour outside Havana in a small town called San Nicolas de Bari.

People gather in the airport control tower overlooking the former runway, now a Cuban car racing drag strip.

“We help each other out. That guy’s a welder. I am a mechanic. We all help each other. There’s rivalry on the track, but here we are brothers,” one race driver said through a translator.

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I have been hearing about these races from a few different people.

This is interesting because it is allowed by the Cuban government with little interference.

There may be a documentary and/or tv show in the works about these drag races. Sounds like it would be interested to see the behind-the-scenes work that goes into prepping old Cuban cars for racing.

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On November 04, 2013, publisher wrote:

The Cubatur agency is working in order to resume car racing events in Cuba through contacts with two companies, one from Germany and the other from Mexico, which are interested in holding such events in Cuba.