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Cuba Watch Newsletter - Issue #8

Posted January 25, 2012 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

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Today we sent out issue #8 with the content featured below.

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Cuba domain name registrations

I understand some people may not care about Cuba related domain name registrations but I follow them for several reasons. Most of all, new domain registrations offer a glimpse into ideas people have about a Cuba related business, culture, political or travel venture they want to develop.

Also, I find it interesting that the quantity of Cuba related domain name registrations has risen substantially in the past few months. Most of the domains are registered by different people and from many countries. Some are speculative registrations in anticipation of a rise in demand and value and but most or single registrations by people with an idea who need a place on the Internet to launch their idea.

There is always a spike in Cuba domain registrations when there is a big, Cuba newsworthy event.

I pasted in the long list at the bottom of this Newsletter.


Nothing really jumped out at me this week with regards to Cuba culture news but there are some interesting vintage Cuba related items for sale on eBay. (affiliate link)


Today I endorsed Newt Gingrich to win the Florida primary with my reasons, primarily because Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Diaz-Balart endorsed Mitt Romney.


Jeff Franks from Reuters writes about how tourists are flocking to Cuba partially due to more Americans traveling on legal people-to-people Cuba trips but also how Europeans are choosing to go to Cuba instead of North African countries that have been having instability due to the Arab Spring. More Cuban tourists are expected by the Cuban government in 2012.

The always eloquent John McAulif suggests that President Obama should loosen travel restrictions further on American’s wishing to go to Cuba legally.

Good to Know Section

This section changes every week. Depending on your interests, you may or may not like the content here this week but be sure to check here every week since the content will be “good to know.

Expect lots of Cuba news in 2012

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

There was a lot of news in 2011 with President Obama allowing for people to people Cuba trips coupled with the ability for many US airports to offer charter flights to Cuba.

Then of course there was the changes in Cuba allowing citizens to buy and sell cars and homes and to open small businesses.

One can expect more interesting economic freedoms in Cuba in 2012 so we will keep an eye on that.

President Obama probably won’t do much more this year to open trade or travel to Cuba since it is an election year and since Cuba so far has refused to release Alan Gross on humanitarian grounds.

So, 2012 could be an interesting year with Cuba in the news on a regular basis. The biggest news already this year is the Scarabeo-9 oil drilling platform that has arrived off the north shore of Cuba, and just 70 miles west of Key West. This is clearly an ongoing international news story with HUGE implications for Cuba and US-Cuba relations should this well hit oil.

1. The Communist Party Conference will be held this Saturday January 28. It may be simply an internal political event with little news but we should be prepared for some sort of news after the conference. Perhaps news about gay rights in Cuba will be announced as is expected by Mariela Castro.

2. Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil will visit Cuba next week. She will be on a business trip to inspect the $800million port of Mariel development project. Expect an ongoing business relationship with Brazil and Cuba AND better ties with Brazil.

3. Pope Benedict XVI will visit Cuba from March 26 to 28. This is no small deal. The Pope has not visited Cuba since 1998. Expect WORLD coverage of this event.

4. Cuban horror movie Juan of the Dead is getting good reviews and expected to be released in April. Watch the trailer and I think you will be impressed. You will be hearing about it once it is released.

5. Every two years there is a big art show in Havana. This one is the 11th Havana Biennial Cuban art festival and it will run from May 11 to June 11.

6. The Republican GOP convention is being held in Tampa from August 27-30 so Cuba might be part of the conversation. Tampa is pro-Cuba travel and the Cubans from Tampa are generally not pro-Embargo as are their counterparts in Miami.

7. Prediction?: Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney chooses Cuban American Marco Rubio to be his Vice Presidential running mate. This would certainly be cause for LOTS of dialog about Cuba but probably not in a positive way since Marco Rubio is VERY pro-Embargo and would try to rally support to cut back on legal travel to Cuba. Too bad he lied about when his family left Cuba. I say “lied” because he knows the difference between 1956 and 1959 in Cuba.

So this brings us to August. It’s hard to see much beyond that as far as big news in Cuba. Stay subscribed to this Cuba Watch newsletter and information service and we will keep you up to date on interesting news and breaking news.

Recent Cuba domain name registrations

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To see this issue full of links out to articles that enhance the information, please see the archived issue.

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