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Cuba Operation Miracle eye surgery gives sight to the blind

Posted December 21, 2008 by publisher in Cuba Culture.


Surinamese Eduard Tasjero Sjegnile, 8, recovered his sight thanks to a surgery performed by Cuban ophthalmologists, members of Operation Miracle in the CARICOM country.

The boy had surgery on his right eye, and at the beginning of next year, 2009, the Cuban doctors will operate on the other eye, to completely cure Eduard from congenital blindness, reported the Cuban Embassy in Suriname.

This surgery is just an example of the many performed by Cuban doctors since Operation Miracle started in Suriname on October of 2005. So far more than 5,000 procedures have been performed, many of them on children.

This medical brigade, in Suriname since past June, is made up of 10 specialists and has treated 2,847 patients, and they have performed over 500 surgeries since arrival.

Doctor Diana González Poveda, head of the Ophthalmologists Brigade pointed out that little Eduard was very happy after the surgery and looked around trying to discover a world he didn’t know.

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On December 07, 2009, Didier wrote:

I’ve heard alot of the great performance by Cuban doctors. I’m in need of a eye surgery miracle. I can’t afford to pay for the surgery. Can you help me?
The Ocular Motor Muscle of my right eye was damage at birth when they use a vaccuum to pull me out of my mother womb. Since birth the eye has been skint and the lid doesn’t move. I’m 33 year old.
I looking forward hearing from you.
I live in Cape Town South Africa