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Finlay Medical Research Institute in Havana opens new vaccine facility

Posted December 03, 2008 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

The Finlay Medical Research Institute will inaugurate a vaccine production facility that will increase the production of the anti-meningococcal vaccines for Cuba and other countries on December 3, the Day of the Latin American Medicine.

This new facility will have a production capicity of up to 100 million doses of vaccines according to the Institute’s Director Dr. Concepcion Campa.

A vaccine against typhoid and a multivalent vaccine against pneumococcus (a bacterium associated with pneumonia and some forms of meningitis) is planned for future development.

Construction was a joint effort between the Ministries of Construction, Basic Industry, the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Council of State along with other Cuban institutions and ministries.

All its facilities were designed and built with the international standards of the pharmaceutical industry in mind.

It is not clear if the facility will be open to inspection by outside independent entities to verify if international standards have been implemented or if the facility was simply designed to meet international pharmaceutical industry standards.

The Institute is part of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in Havana and is known internationally for developing the world’s first effective vaccine against both meningitis B and C. It is located in Avenida 27, No. 19805 in the La Lisa district of Havana.

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