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Cuba waste management is a hazard

Posted October 17, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Culture.


Cuba’s garbage is an environmental disaster

Cuba has a garbage problem, a serious one. Their waste management system is dangerously broken. The garbage dumps are located too near population centers, and do not have the equipment to process hazardous waste. Mixed in with the usual trash is refuse from hospitals, batteries, and those plastic bags&#xu2;026

There are frequent toxic fires, there is unreported illness from “recycled items” retrieved by dump divers.
The men who have to work in these inhuman conditions, the carretoneros, complain of not having the necessary gloves and protective clothing for the hazardous work they perform.

In order to eliminate this threat to the environment and the population&#xu2;019s health, much is needed. New dumps, located away from population centers, equipped with modern waste handling technology, fleets of trucks, containers, and the list goes on and on.

What is Cuba doing to solve the problem? Not nearly enough. The dumps are an environmental hazard, and a disaster waiting to happen.

Read Fabaia D. Arcos’ story in Spanish at Cubanet, apologies to our English only readers.


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