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Posted July 10, 2007 by cubanlous in Cuba Culture.

Greetings to Havana Journal readers from CubanLous.Com

We’d like to first thank Havana Journal for giving us this space and the opportunity to reach to all of its readers - it is much appreciated.

This is pretty much an introductory post announcing we will be posting information about Cuban cigar brands, reviews, new cigar releases, promotions at CubanLous, etc. If there are other things you’d be interested in reading in this section or have any questions, please email us at info at or call 1-905-760-7473.

Looking forward to hearing from ya’ll.

Cuban Lou
Authentic Cuban Cigars
info at


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On July 10, 2007, publisher wrote:

Glad to have you aboard in the Culture Section of the Havana Journal and the WOC - (Website Owner Category).

Info like what cigars are good at a certain time of day, time it takes to smoke different styles, storage, maybe even a beginner’s guide to Cuban cigars?