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Status of “three” Cuban healthcare systems

Posted June 20, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Culture.


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On June 21, 2007, J. Perez wrote:

It is not realistic or fair to compare the state of the health-care systems of the U.S. with Cuba.

The richest most powerful country in the world in contrast to a small island nation which has been subjected to economic terrorism for the last 46 years.

It may be true that there is preferential treatment with regards to the government elite and foreign health patients and that is regrettable, whoever, the system overall is terribly handicapped by the blockade and resorting to provide treatment to foreigners brings in much needed revenue and is also a source of human capital. No fault could be found with sending doctors to restore eyesight to poor Bolivian villagers or providing primary care to slums in Caracas and other urban centers throughout Central, South America and Africa.

On the other hand, our system in this country is the typical system of a capitalist society and while it is excellent overall, in terms of resources and availability of care, it is not always so for those at the lower end of the economic sector.