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Cuba launches Internet search engine

Posted February 15, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Prensa Latina

The first web search engine made in Cuba was presented on Thursday by Cuban technicians from the National Office for Technical Information at the 12th International Convention and Exposition Forum INFORMATICA 2007, in Havana.

The search engine, 2x3 (two by three), constitutes a valuable tool to search for Cuban contents on the Internet, explained Roberto del Puerto, head of the Informatization of Cuban Society Office.

At this moment, the website is only in Beta format (non-definitive), said Leandro Silva, main author of the search engine, which has already indexed 150,000 Cuban webpages.

All the electronic addresses corresponding to, independent of their possessors and their location in web servers were revised.

The search engine was developed 90 percent in Cuban national territory.

The website is provisionally at buscador, and revises those Cuban websites with the greatest level of updating, such as news media.

It permits searches for images, multimedia contents and media.

Soon, internauts interested in seeking information on Cuba will be able to accede 2x3 at: or

Member Comments

On February 15, 2007, publisher wrote:

First, let me say that I did not change a word of this story. Anybody else have to read it twice?

Second, can someone please tell me the URL for the search engine?

Third, I usually don’t criticize Cuba on these kinds of issues but a search engine for Cuban websites? For whom? So few people have internet access and the Internet is completely controlled by the Cuban government I think it would be more appropriate to call this a “directory” instead of a search engine.

Sorry Cuba but I can’t get past the propaganda on this one.

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