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James Suckling of Cigar Aficionado reports from El Laguito Cohibas cigar factory

Posted February 02, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

James Suckling | Cigar Aficionado

The other day, before lunch, I had visited El Laguito—the Cohiba factory—in hopes of getting a sneak preview of the three new Cohiba maduros, a new line of dark colored smokes made with five-year-old wrappers. One of the managers of the factory described them as “chocolate.”

The El Laguito Cohiba cigar factory just outside of Havana

I saw a number of rollers at the factory producing the dark smokes. They looked phenomenal. They were also color sorting the Mágicos size, and the difference between a normal Cohiba wrapper and the maduro was impressive. The normal one almost looked like a light Connecticut-shade wrapper compared to the maduro. Nonetheless, don’t expect them to look like those black smokes you see from other countries. They are mostly dark brown in color.

A rare glimpse inside the El Laguito factory.

Apparently 12 rollers of the 100 or so at El Laguito are rolling the cigars. Two of the three vitolas, or shapes, are made at El Laguito with the other one at the Partagas factory.

Cuba intends to debut the three sizes during this year’s cigar festival in Havana in a few weeks. Everyone will see how they are then, but I have a feeling that no one will be disappointed.

Photos by James Orr

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