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Joseph Fiennes helps launch new Short Churchill cigar for Romeo y Julieta brand

Posted March 05, 2006 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Canadian Press
British actor Joseph Fiennes of Shakespeare in Love fame has helped launch a new Cuban cigar, tossing off a few lines from Romeo and Juliet in honour of the cigar’s maker.

Fiennes was the featured visitor as Cuba began its annual cigar festival Monday night, presenting a cigar size called the Short Churchill by Cuba’s state-owned Romeo and Juliet brand at Havana’s Gran Teatro.

“I’ve really gained a newfound respect for the kind of level of attention, detail, complexity and energy that goes into making a cigar,” Fiennes told reporters.

Fiennes noted that according to legend, former British prime minister Winston Churchill smoked more than 200,000 Cuban cigars during trips to the island.

“I cannot compete with Winston Churchill because sadly, I am only here for three enchanting days,” the actor told the crowd.

Fiennes, also known for his role in The Merchant of Venice, was headed to South Africa next to work on a film. It was his first trip to Cuba.

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