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Havana Cuba now has five television channels

Posted January 30, 2006 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Prensa Latina

People from Havana and Havana province benefit from the opening of Habana television station, the fifth channel in Cuban television. The opening coincided with ceremonies to pay homage to Cuban National Hero Jose Marti.

People will be able to watch the station shows on channel 27, Monday through Friday from 16:00 hours, and Saturdays and Sundays from 18:00 hours, local time, to 12:00 midnight.

The first broadcast was broadcast on Saturday, at the studio frm where television signal was aired for the first time on the island on October 24, 1950.

This station, with an informative and cultural profile, is included in the country´s efforts to raise the intellectual and educational level of all Cubans, who are involved in an important battle of ideas, as they call a group of social plans in the health, education, sports, and culture sectors.

An image of Jose Marti identifies the lobby of the renovated station headquarters.

Esteban Lazo, a leading Cuban Communist Party official, referred to challenges the station will need to overcome to become the favorite of the capital´s tv viewers, who also have the possibility to choose among four other options.

He also spoke about the way the national television should reflect the country´s values, ethics, morality, honesty, responsibility, solidarity, brotherhood, and commitment.

The most outstanding shows of the new television station are the Hola Habana (Hello Havana) news and information hour, tv serials, a program for movies, cartoons, and other shows for children.


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Yeah, but I bet they don’t get Oprah and the Three Stooges !!!