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Cuba registers three new Valergen vaccines

Posted December 28, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Culture.

Prensa Latina

Cuba officially registered three new therapeutic vaccines -Valergen-dp, Valergen-ds and Valergen- in 2005 engineered to treat patients with respiratory allergies.

These immunizing agents will be distributed through the national health system in 2006, and constitute one of the achievements Cuban scientists accomplished in the current year.

The HR3 monoclonal antibody was registered in China, Colombia and Argentina, together with the start of exports to the latter two countries.

The chemical, structural and pharmacological characterization of a new biological reagent for biomedical research is also among achievements in 2005, among others.

Exports of Cuban medicines accounted for one hundred million dollars, and of 258 projects started in 2005, 48 were completed.

In the fields of science and technology, meteorological services, Physics, Mathematics and Computing were also developed.

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